Food & Water Precautions

Drink bottled water where appropriate to do so. Follow standard hygienic procedures including washing hands with plenty of soap or use alcohol-based sanitizer when not possible to do so.


- Do not drink water straight from the tap. Boil it where possible, use bottled water or use chlorine tablets designed to sanitize the tap water. Do not wash food in tap water or drink beverages with ice that has been made using tap water. Ensure carbonated drinks are fizzy when opened and seals to bottled drinks are intact before drinking. Bottles can be refilled and resold – these are unsafe to drink.

- Use drinking water when brushing teeth and do not open your mouth in the shower.

- Avoid ice cream made by street vendors as these may contain untreated tap water and the equipment used may not have been properly cleaned. Canned milk or UHT is advisable if you have any doubts about the dairy produce.

- Eat food from busy restaurants and hotels that have a large turnover of meals. Avoid quiet restaurants that do not have many customers and a low turnover of meals. Eat food that is well-cooked, served hot and was “fresh” to begin with.

- Do not eat “Street Food”. Street Vendors often lack hygiene standards.

- Buy fruit with the skin on and peal before eating with a clean tool (after washing your hands). Avoid shellfish.