What are e-Travel Alerts

An Alert is any event in the world such as, terrorism, civil unrest, transportation or weather disruptions that could affect a traveler"s itinerary or safety.

Alerts are ranked as follows:
                                  D    .    Disaster
                                  W   .    Warning
                                  C    .    Caution
                                   I     .    Informational

                                     Where do they come from?
Events are added to the Alerts database 7/24 from worldwide sources "pushed" to us by private and public industry sources, or by monitoring many government travel warning sites, private web sites and public news services in every sector of the world.  

������������Sample Alerts

How do you get Alerts?

As the event is entered into our database the e-Travel Alert it is then presented through a variety of deliverables, namely:

1. Daily email - a list of all e-Travel Alerts enterd during the past 24 hours sent daily to every  subscriber to our site who has opted in to our daily email list. This option is offered at no cost to registered subscribers. Sample

2. Traveler"s Advisory - current and recent Alerts are included as the first category in each personalized destination Advisory issued to your traveler.

3. Database - Alerts enterd into the database in past 5 days are accessible with a single click by registered subscribers after they login. You may also search by destination for all Alerts for the past twelve months.

4. e-Client Alert - if an Alert is entered into the database after an Advisory has been issued to a traveler, an automatic email with just that Alert is emailed to the traveler. (see e-Client Alerts)

5. Add Alerts to your intranet or web site - an optional link from your website or intranet directly to our interactive Alerts map and scrolling Alerts marquee are also available.  (draws traffic like flys to honey!) 
(see sample format at e-Travel Alerts).

6. e-Travel Alerts "Dashboard" in an interactive map format is available as a branded standalone service in three languages, intended for TMC’s, multinational chains and Corporate Client’s desktops and intranets. 
Visit "Alerts Dashbooard"

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