e-Client Alert

When an Alert is posted to a destination all travelers with Advisories for that destination will receive an automatic (push) email stating:

The following event (eg) has been reported that could affect your itinerary or your safety:

Greece:  Jan 12 - US Warden Message: US Embassy in Athens
                            attacked by rocket. 

e-Client Alerts are the trigger for Travel Tracking processes.

For Agents:

Competitive advantage
Value added service
Revenue potentional
Increases customer dependency
High value low cost


For Travel Managers:

Incremental component to travel safety program
Demonstrates Duty of Care
Contributes to employee travel confidence



up to 5 cc"s of the e-Client Alert may also be sent to;
- your 7/24 customer support service
- the travel manager
- the originating agent, etc


Travel Safe... Travel Smart...

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